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Articles - Selected

Rollag Yoon, S. & Gilpin, S. (2023). Unveiling the invisible: Illuminating creation processes for open pedagogy. Under review.

Gilpin, S., Rollag Yoon, S., Lazzara, J. (2023). Exploring open pedagogy in online community college settings: Enhancing equitable access, engagement, and student persistence. Online Learning, 27(4), 448-375. DOI:

Gilpin, S., Rollag Yoon, S., & Miller, J. L. (2023). Building community online: Moving toward humanization through relationship-focused technology use. Online Learning, 27(3), 133-154. DOI: 10.24059/olj.v27i3.3583

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Rollag Yoon, S., & Gilpin, S. (2022). Open pedagogy practices in teacher education: Digital spaces for preservice teachers’ identities. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 22(4).

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Clinton-Lisell, V., Seipel, B., Gilpin, S., & Litzinger, C. (2021). Interactive features of e-texts’

effects on learning: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Interactive Learning Environments.

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Gilpin, S. (2020). A Framework for Fostering Emerging Online Learner Persistence: The Role of Synchronous and Asynchronous Discussions. The Journal of Teaching and Learning, 14(1), 29-42.

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Book Chapters - Selected

Rollag Yoon, S., LoBello Miller, J., & Gilpin, S. (2023). Creating space for identities: Feminist pedagogical moves that foster online learner persistence. In Thoni Howard, J., Romero-Hall, E. Daniel, C., Bond, N., & Newman, L. (Eds.). Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online, Section 1: Promoting Connections, Reflexivity, and Embodiment [Accepted - Forthcoming 2023].

Gilpin, S., Clinton-Lisell, V., Legerski, E., & Rhodes, B. (2022) Designing and Using Online Discussions to Promote Social Justice and Equity. In: Parson, L., Ozaki, C.C. (Eds) Teaching and Learning for Social Justice and Equity in Higher Education. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

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Gilpin, S., & Azizova, Z. (2021). Lessons from the field: Delivering collaborative online learning experiences – Graduate and professional student development. In Rudestam, K., Schoenholtz-Read, J., & Snowden, M.L. (Eds.). The Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education. Fielding University Press.

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Clinton-Lisell, V., Legerski, E., Rhodes, B., & Gilpin, S. (2021). Open Educational Resources as tools to foster equity. In C. Ozaki & L. Parson (Eds.) Teaching & learning for social justice and equity in higher education, Volume 2 (pp. 317-337). Palgrave MacMillan

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